Here's what you'll love about our INDIE GIRL COMMUNITY:

• We are grounded, independent, self-loving go-getters that embrace life.

• We prioritize pleasure guilt-free.

• We explore the world, delve into hobbies, and welcome new adventures.

• We nurture our body, mind, spirit, environment, and world community.

• We are confident in our beauty and intelligence, without relying on external validation.

• We trust our intuition to attract relationships that edify us.

•We live consciously; aware of the power contained in our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.

• We feel complete and approach new relationships with emotional balance & an Indie Girl Spirit.

My Indie Girl Diary 

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Pg 96: Survival Skills Learned From My Dog

In order to survive this two year experience, I knew I'd have to become my own best friend, motivator, inspiration, nurturer, and support system 24/7. And I’d have to maintain some seriously grounding rituals; from filling my journal with words as they poured from my heart uncensored, to working out six days per week. I knew I'd have to stay rooted in my body and my emotions in order to maintain a positive mindset in this challenging new lifestyle.

Pg 95: The Real World/Survivor: TCI

While the idea of living in a big house with a group of thirteen strangers conjured up images The Real World, the reality was, no one ever stopped being polite. There were no episodes of binge drinking or drunken brawls, roommate roulette or random hook-ups, cat fights or salacious scandals. Well, at least not that I was aware of. 

My Indie Girl Dates

My Indie Girl Dates
When Dating Requires a Coach

In my twenties, this whole meeting guys, dating, and coupling seemed to happen easily and organically. Was it because I was too young and naive to be picky? Has age and life experience elevated my expectations to impossibly high? Are there simply less available men in the forty to fifty age range? Has on-line dating ruined authentic connections and courtship? Or do I just suck?

That One Time at Spa Camp

Eleven Spa Campers from TCI Hospitality Adventure filed into the studio overlooking the same lush mangroves that continue to take my breath away, even after ten months of teaching here in Turks & Caicos. They, on the other hand, didn't seem to notice the picturesque view, the refreshing cross breeze flowing through the open sliding glass doors, or the perfectly designed environment for cultivating a mind-body connection. Teenagers!